Quick Snap-it


Snap‐It ducting is a clamp together style ducting designed for easy installation. Its application should be for interior ducting under negative system pressure.

All you have to do is clamp it.

The ends of our clamp together ducting components have rolling edges that make it easy to attach them to other components using clamps. The clamp’s inside gasket, which is carefully made, tightly seals the connection.

Installers love our snap together ducting because they can easily attach parts together without the use of special tools.

Simple and Fast to Install

Our ducting systems require no rivets, screws, or welding since they clamp together. Compared to the installation of flanged ducting, this reduces installation and downtime by more than 50%.

Grows with your Needs

As you move equipment or make other modifications to your workspace, Snap Ducting is simple to remove and relocate, offering one of the most cost effective ducting solutions on the market.



Duct Pipe


Adjustable Sleeve

SR Segmented Elbow

LR Segmented Elbow


SR Stamped Elbow

Standard Branches

Y Branches


In Cut

Butterfly Dampers

Full Cut-Off

Half Cut-Off

Blast Gate

Auto Blast Gate

Ball Joint

Floor Sweep

Hose Clamp

Cable Hangers

Adapters SI to Straight

Adapters SI to Flex Hose

Rubber Flex Hose


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