Why use
Carolina Air Systems
Snap-Together ductwork?

We took the industrial quality and strength of bolt-together ducting, then engineered it to work as a snap-together application. This provides fast, easy-to-install installation which has the added benefits of being simple to move and re-use.

Installation is a “Snap”

Carolina Air System Snap Ducting coming with rolled edge.  This allows the two ends of ducting to come together.  The clamp has a specially designed gasket that provides a tight seal when the clamp is closed.  It’s as simple as that!

50% Faster Installation

Since our system clamped together, there was no screws, bolts, or fasteners. This reduces installation time bt approximately 50%, allowing you to do twice as many installs.

Plasma Welding

Carolina Air Systems understands quality welding is critical. All our ducting is welded using out state-of-the-art plasma welding machine. This helps ensure your ducting has tight, smooth, leak-free seams.


Since the ducting clamps together, moving and reconfiguring our system is easy. As your facility grows, so can your ducting.

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