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Snap-Together Duct have rolled ends for use with our clamps. Laser-welded seams help to provide the very best fit to ensure your system is leak-free under pressure. Snap-Together Duct Pipe enable quick installation, disassembly, and relocation.

Snap-Together Duct has been used in many different application where dust collection and extraction is needed.

ItemSizeCompetitorCarolina Air Systems
SI Pipe (5' Sections)6"$59.30 $37.95
SI Clamps6"$16.90 $11.67
SI Adjustable Sleeves6"$27.30$17.41
90 Deg SI Stamped Elbow6" -90$107.60$66.01
60 Deg SI Stamped Elbow6" -60$107.60$67.74
45 Deg SI Stamped Elbow6" -45$107.60$59.46
30 Deg SI Stamped Elbow6" -30$107.60$59.46
45 SI Branch6"$188.40$124.20
45 SI Y Branch6"$244.40$158.47
SI Reducer6"$78.40$53.71
45 SI Saddle Tap6"$86.10$62.56
SI Full Cut Off6"$72.90$50.37
SI to Flange Adapter6"$85.50$44.74
SI to Flex Adapter6"$42.80$30.36

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