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Carolina Air Systems

Manufacturing Flanged and Clamp Dust Collect Ductwork

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We specializes in the design, fabrication and installation of flanged duct and clamp together industrial dust collection ductwork and fume collectors. Whether you need component manufacturing, retrofitting or whole system design and installation, Carolina Air is your complete source for dust collection ductwork and pneumatic filtration systems, engineered from the ground up. Unlike most companies, Carolina Air manufactures both industrial ductwork and fume collection equipment and the flanged and clamp together components that support them. We fully understand your dust and fumes collections unique demands and produce everything from fully integrated systems to bolt-on parts and products that can be shipped straight off the shelf for customer installation and use.

The Difference Between

Clamp Together Ductwork and Flanged Ductwork


  Snap‐It Duct: Snap‐It ducting is a clamp together style ducting designed for easy installation. Its application should be for interior ducting under negative system pressure. Flanged Ducting: Flanged ducting has an angle iron ring on

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